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Corruption risks in NSW development approval processes

Jul 2009

A 12-page submission by John Mant. The problems of the approval processes are that both the processes and the institutions that undertake them are not suited for the tasks in hand. There are problems because there are institutional faults in the system that need fixing. When an ex-Premier of the State behaves in a manner so clearly contrary to public sector ethics, it is difficult to solve institutionalised conflicts of interest by merely calling on councillors and officials, or, for that matter, the Minister, to nonetheless do their best to behave ethically. The real solutions must lie, not in further exhortation, but in fixing the essential faults in the system that give rise to the conflicts of interests and roles and therefore raise the risks of wrongdoing.

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Letter to Premier Bob Carr

May 2002

Letter to the then Premier Bob Carr in May 2002.

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Letter to the Commissioner of ICAC

Feb 2002

Letter to the Commissioner of ICAC.

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