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Place management as a core role in government

Mar 2008

A 9-page article in the Journal of Place Management and Development by John Mant. This paper aims to deal with place management, not as an additional function to traditional silo organisations, but as a core part of government that has been restructured to achieve complex outcomes, such as place management.

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Place management as a core role in government

Feb 2008

Original article on place management and by John Mant.

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Putting Place Outcomes at the Centre of Planning Law and Administration

Oct 1999

While places should be a major focus of Planning effort, administrative, statutory and zoning systems and techniques do not facilitate the achievement of quality place outcomes. This practice note details what needs to be done to achieve better quality places. It deals with integration of development control systems, the use of place rather than land use zones as a format for writing development controls, the proper role and nature of strategic planning and the administrative reforms that are necessary to allow for effective place management of all places.

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Place Management - why it works and how to do it

Apr 1998

An early paper on place management given as a lecture to UTS in April 1998. Outlines the theory and practice.

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