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CityScape Newsletter

Feb 2008

An article by John Mant “Schedule seven revisited” Remember “Schedule Seven”? In post war NSW it was a statewide design code for “Residential 3” zones under the old Local Government Act 1919. Essentially it was a one page set of design and siting controls for flats up to three storeys.

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Place management as a core role in government

Feb 2008

Original article on place management and by John Mant.

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Social Inclusion Initiatives - Initiative One

Dec 2007

Turning public housing area teams effectively into ‘community housing’ organisations. The problem: State wide centralised departments are no longer the right type of organizations to be managing social housing estates. The State housing authorities were established in the 1940s as public works organizations designed to build tracts of housing for sale or rent to households in employment. Now they administer welfare housing increasingly rented to only those most in need (many of whom are single member households), during the time they are in need.

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Social Inclusion Initiatives - Initiative Three

Dec 2007

Reforming the tools used to manage the development of new urban areas. The basic tools used by government to manage the development of new urban areas have lead to unsustainable suburbs, a number of which have problems of social exclusion. The reasons are many.

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Social Inclusion Initiatives - Initiative Two

Dec 2007

Encouraging local government to change to outcome focused organisations. I have followed from afar the efforts of the Blair Government in tackling social exclusion. I suspect the Blair approach has been excessively top-down. It has relied too much on high-level co-ordination and special programs, rather than attempting to fundamentally change existing organisations that are partially to blame for the problems but, could be very much part of the solutions.

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CityScape Newsletter

Oct 2007

An article by John Mant “Sartor blames wrong people for Planning delays”

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Victorian Administrative Arrangements

Oct 2006

The Victorian Administrative Arrangements have a small number of departments, which have been formed by amalgamating various existing departments under single CEOs. There has been no lessening of the number of Ministers however.

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Local Government financial sustainability inquiry - Governance arrangements

Dec 2005

Do local governments adhere to good governance standards? How well do they manage conflicts of interest? Should voters or the State deal with crises?

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Where is Plan First up to now

Mar 2003

This is an article about Plan first. Sometimes it's difficult to tell where these reform movements are up to. Everything is so controlled. There is plenty of vacuous spin, but little real information and discussion. So where is Plan first really up to? We know from the spin it will bring about sustainable development and huge cost savings, but what about the hard-core details?

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Letter to Premier Bob Carr

May 2002

Letter to the then Premier Bob Carr in May 2002.

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