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Letter to the Commissioner of ICAC

Feb 2002

Letter to the Commissioner of ICAC.

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Putting Place Outcomes at the Centre of Planning Law and Administration

Oct 1999

While places should be a major focus of Planning effort, administrative, statutory and zoning systems and techniques do not facilitate the achievement of quality place outcomes. This practice note details what needs to be done to achieve better quality places. It deals with integration of development control systems, the use of place rather than land use zones as a format for writing development controls, the proper role and nature of strategic planning and the administrative reforms that are necessary to allow for effective place management of all places.

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Place Management - why it works and how to do it

Apr 1998

An early paper on place management given as a lecture to UTS in April 1998. Outlines the theory and practice.

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The Instruments of Planning : urban management

Jan 1996

Urban management is not an instrument of planning. Plan making is an instrument of urban management. Plans are needed from time to time for particular reasons. It is a mistake to conceive of ‘planning’ as a simple lineal progression from plan to implementation.

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Strategic, Corporate and Financial Planning

Feb 1995

A 9-page article by John Mant in Australian Planner. John Mant is a solicitor and planner with Phillips Fox Solicitors and PPM Consultants and was Convenor of the Prime Minister's Task Force on Urban Design. This paper discusses the traditional approach to local and regional planning and relates it to concepts of strategic, corporate and financial planning. It describes the limitations of traditional planning methods and seeks to put them in a wider framework.

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Form follows Organisation- suggestions improving quality, urban design

Sep 1994

A paper published by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Biennia Public Lecture, Academy of Science, Canberra by John Mant. To have a Prime Minister who is passionate about the quality of urban design in Australian is a terrific thing. I am concerned that we do not write for the Prime Minister what I call a “They Ought To” report.

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The Future of Community Tenancy Schemes

Nov 1993

With the restructuring of The department of Housing it is appropriate to reconsider the future of the Community Tenancy Scheme.

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Inquiry into the Department of Housing

Nov 1992

A 115-page report by Commissioner John Mant.

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Housing - a problem of supply OR demand?

Feb 1991

Housing policy is a matter of supply and demand, for finance, new and existing homes, and serviced land. Australia’s housing policies have been heavily influenced by supply side interests.

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Public and Government land, post-colonial land systems

Sep 1987

An article by John Mant.The effective management of state government property and the development of parcel-based land information systems are inhibited by administrative, legal and accounting mechanisms dating from colonial days. For environmental and efficiency and effectiveness reasons, new ways of categorising Crown and other government land are required.

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